Mike Thornton Photography Cambridge Launches!

I have run StillVision Photography in Cambridge for nearly a decade but as part of a big studio shake up and general re-design of my shooting and post processing style, I have decided to split my photography business into two!  From Feb 2016 I started shooting under my own name so let me please introduce to you...

Mike Thornton wedding and portrait photographer Cambridge

The social side of what I do, that is the children, family and baby portrait work, weddings and location photography, will be given a more personal touch under Mike Thornton Photography and my business events, PR campaigns, conferences and editorial portraits for Cambridge and London companies will be shot under StillVision Photography.

StillVision Photography Ltd remains my registered company, my studio address and I can still be contacted there but over time it will become my commercial/PR arm 100%.

Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to welcoming you in the new look Mike Thornton Photography studio at some point this year.