I'm Still Here!

Although I’m not really using much web and social media to promote my business, I’m still here! I’m super busy over at StillVision Photography and the studio is almost fully booked up for Christmas. I have just a few slots left in the last week of November and first week of December. Any takers?

These sneak preview images are of a gaggle I photograph regularly. I also found out during their session that number 4 is on the way next year. The gaggle is about to get bigger!

 children photography cambridge
 fun childrens photography cambridge
 modern children and family photography cambridge


Congratulations to Sam & Katherine who were married on Saturday 11th August 2018.  After the predictable sunshine and heat of May, June & July, August ended up a rather sketchy month for weather.  The morning was bright and sunny, the afternoon was cloudy and by the evening, it was raining!  But nothing stops an English summer wedding!  Sam & Katherine's big day was held at Girton Parish church, so this was one very local wedding for me (I could have walked it from the studio)!  The reception, drinking and partying happened at Rectory Farm, a short drive away.  My wedding photography highlights follow:

 Girton wedding photography
 Girton wedding photographer
 Groom and groomsmen wedding photography cambridge
 wedding photography girton parish church
 bride and groom photography Rectory Farm
 Rectory Farm wedding photography cambridge
 Speeches wedding photography at Rectory Farm cambridge

My First Wedding Post of the Year!

I'm having a funny year when it comes to blogging and social media.  I'm of the belief that we should all do far less of all of it and spend more time enjoying the real world (and really, who actually reads my blog?)!  But with that said, online sneak preview images are a great way to share a few highlights of photography shoots and weddings.  These preview images were shot a couple of weeks ago on that one weekend when the weather broke.  So yes, a wet weather wedding in one of the driest summers on record!  Despite the unfortunate timing, it was a great wedding to be a part of and I wish Carl & Kirsty every happiness in the future.  Here are their wedding photography highlights from Woodside in Kenilworth:

 bridal preparations wedding photography
 Bridal preparations photography at a wedding
 groom's wedding preparations photography
 wedding photography at Woodside, Kenilworth
 wet wedding photography
 wedding speeches photography
 bride and groom portrait photography

Returning Once More to the Blog!

I've been very on-off with what and when I post sneak previews of this year, so here's another first in a while post!  This morning I was with 14 month old Grayson who was a combination of almost every baby I've ever met: Shy, clingy, smiley and crazy, all at once!

 professional baby photography cambridge
 beautiful baby photography cambridge
 cute baby photographer cambridge

Back to Bogging Sneak Previews

I've had a bit of a pause with social media and blogging and all that time sapping IT stuff that comes with running a business, but doesn't necessarily result in me booking work... But I've made an exception today!  Let me introduce baby Jake.  What a cutie!

 cambridge baby photography
 Cute baby photographer Cambridge
 Black and white baby photography cambridge

Can you get any Cuter?

Here's another baby from my week in the studio.  This little one was a real sweety.  She was another smile-shy baby (although I got a cracker right at the end), but with those big eyes and chubby cheeks, I'm not sure it matters right?!

 cute modern baby photography
 black and white baby photographer
 baby photography studio Cambridge

Working Hard for Smiles

Today was one of those days where I had to work hard for the smiles!  Luckily, both of today's babies were super cute smiling or not, so it didn't really matter.  That said, I feel that I could do with a lie down.  This little guy found his session super interesting and offered up the rarest of smiles.  He wasn't upset, just interested.  He'll definitely be a clever one! 

 cute baby photography cambridge
 childrens photography cambridge
 modern baby photography cambridge

Super Smiles in the Studio

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing a wildly happy little girl!  She came to see me with Mummy and was one of the most smiley babies I've photographed in long time.  At least she was for the first ten minutes anyway!  Things changed half way through, but it was nice to see something a little more pensive from her.  My baby photography session highlights follow:

 smiley baby photography
 black and white baby photographer cambridge
 modern baby photography cambridge

A Little One!

Yesterday I photographed this little one who wasn't quite 4 months yet.  Although baby Harley was a little wobbly up top, he was strong enough to show off his best muscle-man and super-man poses.  All in one session!  My baby photography highlights follow:

 cute baby photography cambridge
 black and white baby photography cambridge
 funny baby photography cambridge

Engagement Studio Shoot

I've reduced my wedding numbers in recent years, focusing more on the commercial/PR work I shoot with StillVision Photography.  That said, I still enjoy shooting couples!  Unfortunately, I'm not photographing this particular wedding, but I still put them through their paces during their studio engagement shoot!  I taught them everything that my 15 years experience in weddings has taught me, and I even think they listened!  My pre-wedding photography highlights follow:

 engagement wedding photography cambridge
 couples photographer Cambridge
 pre-wedding photography cambridge

Charming Babies are my Favourite!

Yesterday afternoon I met this very energetic and happy little 7 month old.  She was sitting strong, but the only attempts at crawling were made in reverse!  She seemed to enjoy herself and was so good that I honestly think I could have been shooting for hours and she'd have been up for every shot!  My studio highlights follow:

 Cute baby photography cambridge
 black and white baby photographer cambridge
 natural modern baby photography

Giggles and Belly Laughs!

This morning I saw 15 month old Miller in the studio for the third time.  I've photographed his siblings as babies and even shot Mummy and Daddy's wedding!  Today was his final baby grow session and he was in SUCH a good mood!  I often see happy, smiling children, but giggles and belly laughs are rare.  What a treat!  I must be the funniest photographer on earth...

 toddler photography cambridge
 Moody toddler photography
 Giggling baby photography Cambridge

What a Smiley Little Show-off!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a very polite and eloquent three year old.  She was very chatty, super confident and seemed to enjoy the experience of being photographed a lot.  You can see that from these studio session highlights can't you?!

 three year old portrait photography
 childrens photographer cambridge
 smiling children photography cambridge

Big eyed baby boy!

I haven't posted sneak previews in a while (since before Christmas in fact)!  January was a busy commercial/PR month with StillVision Photography and the Christmas period saw me shoot a number of location family sessions I couldn't share.  So, this beautiful big eyed baby boy is my first share of 2018!  He came to see me last week and was great fun to photograph.  He seemed to be having the best time, loved the camera, loved all the attention and was a total show-off!  Here are some highlights:

 cambridge cute baby photographer
 black and white artistsic baby photography
 cutest baby photography cambridge

2-Year-Olds Will Be 2-Year-Olds...

Yesterday morning I saw this little boy for the fourth time since he was a baby.  His second birthday is coming up and he was showing me all his new skills (building, climbing, counting to ten).  As with all two-year-old sessions, he dictated what we did and when we did it!  Great fun.  My studio photography highlights follow: 

 toddler photography cambridge
 toddler photographer cambridge
 Modern children's photographer Cambridge

Family Portrait Photography

With Christmas only one week away and all of my cut-off dates been and gone, I've seen a spike in big-family-group portrait bookings!  I've got both studio and location sessions to shoot between Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing everyone full of festive cheer.  This particular session wasn't timed for Christmas, but it's a family I've seen a number of times before for portraits and a wedding!  My studio highlights follow:

 couples photography cambridge
 family portrait photography cambridge
 couples photographer cambridge

Cute Studio Pair

This morning I met a super strong 6 month old baby and his 6-year-old sister.  Being a sitting/crawling baby at 6 months meant for quite a few rounds of the fidgets, but big sister was on hand to keep him in place!  I think he'll grow up with a doting big sister, something that comes with the age gap I guess!  Their studio highlights follow:

 childrens photography cambridge
 brother and sister photography cambridge
 sibling photographer cambridge

Smiling Came As Standard!

Last week I met this brother-sister duo who came to the studio with a bit of a 'previous photographer' story.  Suffice to say, they had not had a great experience.  This time around, everything seemed to go swimmingly!  They were full of smiles and I'd say that they both had a great time!  Call me the baby whisperer?!

 baby photographer cambridge
 brother sister portrait photography cambridge
 childrens photographer cambridge

Crazy Baby Time!

Yesterday I met this bundle of madness who came to see me in the studio with her Mummy and Daddy!  She was a super expressive little baby and I think she showed me her entire repertoire in between bouts of fidgeting.  That said, she stayed still just about long enough to get some family photos (holding on to Daddy's nose, obviously!).

 baby photography cambridge
 cambridge baby photographer
 Family photographer cambridge

Mr. Ever so Slightly Shy

This morning I met this toddling just-turned-one-year-old in the studio.  He was friendly, but he couldn't quite relax enough to play with me.  Mum was a big distraction and he kept needing cuddles from her!  Some babies get a little clingy at this age, but at least he wasn't upset with it.  He just needed some reassurance that having his photo taken is meant to be good fun!

 Cute baby photography Cambridge
 black and white baby photography cambridge
 cute baby photographer Cambridge