The Wedding of James & Camilla

Congratulations to James & Camilla who were married on Saturday 24th August 2019 at Norwich Cathedral. Although I’ve been super busy over at and shot very little wedding work this year, I make exceptions for cathedrals! James & Camilla’s big day also landed on one of the heatwave weekends of the summer, making it extra special. Out of nowhere, I had an absolute scorcher to deal with! At times, the day felt like a royal occasion, at others it was an incredibly chilled out and friendly party. There were lots of laughs and plenty of cathedral locations to explore. The day ended with the most unique and memorable first dance I’ve ever witnessed (and that’s saying something). James (a Norwich football fan) and Camilla (a Chelsea football fan) are classical singers and (as already hinted) football fans. Their guests were treated to some all singing and all dancing, football themed operatic Mozart! Amazing and was I under the impression that music and football never mixed…. My Norwich wedding photography highlights follow: