The Wedding of Bryn & Sarah, Hockwold Hall

Congratulations to Bryn & Sarah who were married on Saturday 23rd September 2017!  Their wedding was held at Hockwold Hall in Brandon, so a new venue for me.  Interestingly, I was actually present when these two met (that sounds far-fetched, but it's true).  To cut a long story short, Bryn is a sprint trainer and both Sarah and I attended his classes about 7 years ago.  And that's where they met!  It was nice to have the personal connection and lovely to see them married.  It was even more lovely to see Bryn's athletes (and willing guests) take part in old-school sports day events dressed up in their finery!   Loads of fun, loads of photo opportunities!  I left them partying to their wedding band in the venue's giant marquee.  My wedding photography highlights follow:

 Hockwold Hall wedding photography
 Hockwold Hall wedding photographer
 wedding photography Hockwold Hall
 wedding photographer Hockwold Hall
 Brandon Suffolk wedding photography
 Brandon Suffolk wedding photographer
 wedding photographyBrandon Suffolk
 wedding photographer Brandon Suffolk