Baby's & Two-year-olds don't mix... or do they?

Since photographing Dan and Kati's wedding in Hungary back in 2012, I've seen them in the studio a number of times.  This studio session was all about getting a baby and a two-year-old in the same frame... and I just about managed it!  The kids were high energy, but great fun, and I got what I needed to complete the family archive for them.

toddler photography Cambridge
mum and daughter photography cambridge
sibling photography Cambridge

Half Term Location Photography

There's a bit of a story around this location portrait session!  Over the summer, we tried three times to arrange it.  Three!  On every occasion, the weather wasn't just bad, it was absolutely dreadful.  One last offered itself up in the days before the schools went back in September, but the British summer never returned.  Exasperated, I suggested October half term because, 'sometimes, the weather is better in autumn'.  I didn't really believe my own words, but we got a date in the diary for October half term... And what a beautiful day it was!  When a location shoot works, there's nothing better!  I spent an hour with these high-energy brothers at Milton Country Park, Cambridge creating some really timeless images.  My highlights follow:

location family photography cambridge
location family photographer cambridge
Kids photography on location in Cambridge

No Smiles?

Yesterday I photographed this rather sweet little 10 month old.  She was absolutely fascinated by her session, but found none of it very funny!  For a whole hour she looked at me (and Mummy and Daddy too come to think of it) as a curiosity to be studied!  Her studio photography highlights follow:

baby photography in Cambridge
black and white baby photography
cute baby photography Cambridge

A Sunny Location Portrait Shoot For Half Term

Last week was half term which meant I was busy!  I did a good number of studio shoots and on the sunniest day of the week, shot two location shoots!  What lucky timing!  This was the second of those location portrait sessions and was shot at Wandlebury Country Park outside of Cambridge.  This is a family I've seen many times before since a wedding back in 2011!

location portrait photography cambridge
Location family photography cambridge
Location children photographer cambridge

A 10th Anniversary Special

Yesterday I met these two brothers, the oldest of whom was one of my very first baby customers, back in 2007.  His delightful baby face is even on my studio wall!  Now 10, he came to see me with his younger brother who was quite a bit more smile-shy... My studio photography highlights follow:

modern children's photography Cambridge
brothers photography Cambridge
children's photographer Cambridge

Sisters Studio Session

Over the weekend I met these delightful girls.  Sisters, they came to see me as part of a family portrait session with Mum and Dad, and they were as good as gold!  This meant we zipped through the whole session before anyone could get bored.  Quit while you're ahead right?!  My photography highlights follow:

sisters portrait photography session cambridge
family portrait photography session cambridge
modern family photography cambridge

An Emotionally Confused One!

This morning I saw baby Tristan in the studio.  He's five months old and a baby I know quite well as his parents are good friends.  You'd think that would have meant for a smooth session?  Nope!  Tristan burst into tears the moment I got the camera out and proceeded to take me on an emotional roller-coaster of smiles, frowns and tears!  What a little monster!  It's good job he's cute...

baby photography cambridge
black and white baby photography Cambridge
Modern baby photography Cambridge

The Wedding of Bryn & Sarah, Hockwold Hall

Congratulations to Bryn & Sarah who were married on Saturday 23rd September 2017!  Their wedding was held at Hockwold Hall in Brandon, so a new venue for me.  Interestingly, I was actually present when these two met (that sounds far-fetched, but it's true).  To cut a long story short, Bryn is a sprint trainer and both Sarah and I attended his classes about 7 years ago.  And that's where they met!  It was nice to have the personal connection and lovely to see them married.  It was even more lovely to see Bryn's athletes (and willing guests) take part in old-school sports day events dressed up in their finery!   Loads of fun, loads of photo opportunities!  I left them partying to their wedding band in the venue's giant marquee.  My wedding photography highlights follow:

Hockwold Hall wedding photography
Hockwold Hall wedding photographer
wedding photography Hockwold Hall
wedding photographer Hockwold Hall
Brandon Suffolk wedding photography
Brandon Suffolk wedding photographer
wedding photographyBrandon Suffolk
wedding photographer Brandon Suffolk

Brothers & Trouble Makers!

Yesterday I photographed these super cool dudes in the studio!  The shoot was dictated by nearly-2-year-old Zack (goes without saying really), but luckily, he allowed me to get lots of variation.  We shot brother photos, a few individuals, some with Dad and even the odd family shot.  Thanks Zack!

toddler photography Cambridge
brother sibling photography cambridge
father and son photography cambridge

10th Anniversary Old Session Offer

With almost 1000 sessions shot since 2007, I'm having a BIG clear out of my archive to celebrate my 10th birthday.

This means that I'm letting go of ALL files shot in my old style (reference number P0772) for super cheap!

They will be the full session files, in full resolution, for you to do what you want with... That's a real bargain!

mike thornton photography cambridge studio offer

A little story about the images in this poster: The little girl was only the 2nd baby to see me in my brand new studio back in 2007.  She must be 11 now!  WOW.  I hope she's just as high energy as she was back then...

10th Anniversary!

Quite remarkably, my Cambridge photography business will be 10 years old at the end of the month!  10!  That's a whole decade!

mike thornton photography in cambridge since 2007

A big thanks to the family and wedding customers I've photographed over the years, and more recently, to my commercial/PR clients under StillVision (my official photography company name). You've all added up to a roller-coaster decade of photography!

To celebrate this mile-stone, I will be running a few offers, so stay tuned for those!


The Wedding of Darren & Corrina

Congratulations to Darren & Corrina who were married on Saturday 12th August 2017.  I've never seen so much emotion and happiness on a wedding day!  They were married twice (!), first and officially at an intimate ceremony at Peterborough registry office followed be a ceremony at home.  After ceremony number one, I followed the bride to where she got ready for her REAL wedding, in the garden of her home.  The garden had been transformed by a giant marquee.  Trees had been cropped to fit inside, everything was decorated, and with a beautiful position by the river, it made for a lovely personal wedding venue.  From the second ceremony on, the party really started and I had hours of fun shooting very informally as people got, how should I say, fairly merry...  Just before leaving, there was a bit of a 999 lifesaver incident involving the river, two guys and something sharp.  I've pixelated the gruesome stuff, but the way I saw it, a wedding isn't a wedding unless someone ends up in A&E, right?!  My Peterborough wedding photography highlights follow:

Peterborough registry office wedding
Peterborough wedding photography
Weddings in home garden
Peterborough wedding photographer
bride and groom photography Peterborough
wedding party photography Peterborough
Peterborough wedding photographer
wedding disasters

18th Birthday Family Session

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a family of two teenagers, one of whom is soon to be 18.  The 'birthday' session was a comprehensive one as well as being fun and really relaxed.  I shot individual portraits, brother and sister together, mum and dad, as well a number of family variations.  It was all covered!

brother and sister portrait photography
family photography studio cambridge
stylish modern portrait photography

The Friendliest Baby in Cambridge?

This afternoon I met this cheeky 9 month old along with Mummy and Daddy.  On arrival, he casually crawled up to me and used my leg as a standing post.  No introduction necessary!  His session continued in the friendly way it began, and I got plenty of action shots, smiles and a whole host of other expressions!  If he keeps this level of personality up, Cambridge has itself a new superstar!

baby photography in cambridge
family photography in Cambridge
black and white baby photography

Terrible Two-some!

This morning I saw 16 month old Leo for the third time since he was a little baby.  He came to the studio with his big brother, Mummy and Daddy.  Despite not being that interested in joining them, I grabbed a few brother shots (tearing around the place obviously) and some family ones!  His baby photography highlights follow:

toddler baby photography black and white
brothers photography cambridge
baby photography in cambridge

A Smiling Baby Boy

This morning I saw 8-month-old Miller who I've met before.  I've also met his older brother and sister before and photographed Mum and Dad's wedding nearly 5 years ago!  It's lovely to see familiar faces and all the lovelier when they are super-smiling ones... His studio session highlights follow:

smiling baby boy cambridge
baby blue baby photography
professional baby photographer cambridge

The Wedding of Tristan & Anna, London

Although I'm shooting far fewer weddings this year, the ones I am shooting are super special ones!  On the weekend before the June heat-wave kicked in, Tristan & Anna were married at The Asylum Chapel in Peckham.  It was without doubt the trendiest wedding ceremony venue I've ever seen!  I could have shot in there for hours.  Venue two, (via a short ride in vintage route-masters), was in Brixton and another super-trendy place.  I shot their wedding in a more informal style at the request of the bride and groom and results are great!  My London wedding photography highlights follow:

Asylum Chapel wedding photography London
wedding guests London
Wedding photography London
london wedding photography asylum chapel
bride and groom photography asylum chapel
Brixton wedding photography London
brixton wedding photographer london



A Handsome Chappy

This morning I met nearly-6-month-old Oliver in the studio.  He came with his big sister who I photographed a couple of years ago, but she wasn't part of today's shoot, maybe next time!  I actually photographed Mum and Dad's wedding in Hungary back in 2012, so it was nice to see the family growing up.  Here are my favorite shots from his baby photography session with me:

stylish baby photography
cute baby photography cambridge
modern baby photographer

One Expressive Baby!

At the weekend I met this just-turned-one-year-old and her Mummy and Daddy.  She came with a warning that she hadn't slept and had a bit of a cold, but she showed very little signs of either (until the very end of her studio shoot)!  She threw some great expressions my way and here are some of my favourites:

Cambridge baby photography studio
Baby photography studio Cambridge
cute baby photographer cambridge

The Wedding of Richard & Yasemin, Gate Street Barn, Guildford

I'm sticking to new principles regarding my wedding photography this season and only doing them when I come recommended or have a connection to the bride and groom.  It's not a business decision, but a personal one!  I want to reduce the number I book and enjoy every single one I shoot.  And boy did I enjoy this one!  The sun was shining (a little too much perhaps for such an outside venue), everyone was happy, lots got drunk, even more got eaten and I left the wedding party dancing the night away to one of the friendliest DJ's I've ever met!  Richard and Yasemin's wedding photography highlights are below:

Guildford wedding photography
Guildford wedding photographer
Gate Street Barns wedding photography
wedding photographer Guildford
Guildford weddings Surrey hills
throwing the bouquet
Surrey hills wedding photographer